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About Shawn Cagle – City Hall Bail Bonds

Shawn Cagle and FamilyCagle Bail Bonds was started in 1994 by my father, Reuben, and his wife, Dianne. I worked for them part-time as a bond runner while working at Andrew Corp full-time. In 1997, I started my own company, City Hall Bail Bonds, and resigned from Andrew Corp. My father and his wife divorced and Cagle Bail Bonds went out of business, so my business name evolved into Shawn Cagle-City Hall Bail Bonds so we could keep our loyal clients.

Shawn Cagle-City Hall Bail Bonds has earned a reputation like no other Bail Bond in Denton County. We were recently voted Denton’s Best Bail Bondsman of 2012 by the readers of the Denton Record Chronicle.

We are very honest and take pride in the way we run our business here in Denton. We don’t take your money and stop caring about you and our reputation in Denton proves that.

I was born and raised in Denton and am proud of the way I do business. My wife and I have been married for 8 years and have 2 children. I understand how important it is to be there for my family as well as my clients’ families.

Our business has operated in the same location in Denton, on the corner of McKinney Street and Woodrow Lane, since we opened.

-Shawn Cagle, Owner